Welcome to the Northnet.gg Servers Shop!

The reason this shop exists is to support, enhance and ensure the server's sustainability over time. They have been carefully curated taking into account all kinds of balance variables, avoid P2W and still feel rewarding to the player that is backing our Servers. Please note that anything sold in this shop is available in-game in exchange for RP points you gain by playing on the server. 

Any feedback on the Packs, Memberships and other store items is more than welcome, feel free to speak your mind. Your opinion is important for the wellbeing of the server. Right now they are configured taking into account the x Multiplier on the servers, the time period, the server population and the current ecosystem of Rust servers. The packs may change as the server grows and evolves or we encounter any type of negative impact such as imbalance, abuse or unfair gameplay among others.

A big thank you from the heart from the whole staff team